Treasures of Darkness

Today, there is a village that surrounds a beautiful orphanage compound that houses children and numerous widows. The property around it has since quadrupled in price! Not far from the orphanage, he built a Community Center for teaching the Bible and business skills. It includes a coffee shop that generates revenue for the ministry. How did these facilities emerge?


Folks, there are treasures all around you, but they are hidden! He is likely trying to show you something that would otherwise be unseen so you can claim what would otherwise be unclaimed. And I want the Holy Spirit to show me people that, to others, appear as lumps of coal, but deep within they will produce diamonds.

Illustration There is an ancient legend of three horsemen traveling at midnight. As they crossed over a dry riverbed they heard a voice pierce the darkness.

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Moments later the voice said: Tomorrow you will be both sorry and glad. For the remainder of night they anxiously waited for morning. When the sun arose, they reached into their pockets to examine their take and discovered what they had picked up was diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. And they immediately remembered the voice: They were sorry they had not taken more, but they were glad they took what they did! That story tells us there are treasures all around us.

Transition Thus far, I have mentioned faith. But there is another way to discover them. Let me explain this concept:. The Bible equates darkness with chaos Genesis 1: But then, despite the description Scripture assigns to darkness, 2 Samuel You see, while sinners can find God through the witness of creation or in open-air crusades, the treasures of Heaven are discovered when people detach themselves from the public view and enter secret places with God.

And although Jesus performed most of His miracles in broad day, He found strength to bear the Cross as He prayed, alone, in the darkness of Gethsemane. But at the blackness of the midnight hour they prayed and sang praises to God. So he called on the name of the Lord and accepted Christ.

God has a storehouse of reserves there that cannot be secured anywhere else. Remember the testimony of Scripture:. In most cases God forces us to go into the dark.

Treasures of Darkness

God has to sovereignly draw the thick curtain of darkness around us where we can take His treasures. He was a small town pastor who supplemented his income as a carpenter. At times he barely had enough money to provide for his family, but with sacrifice he built a modest house. But a short time later, when he was away preaching, a group of bandits torched his house and it went up in flames.

But from the ashes of sorrow he wrote these words:. Some through the water, some thru the flood, Some through the fire, but all thru the blood. Some through great sorrow, but God gives a song. In the night season and all the day long. They are extracted from dark and secret places. Are you willing to go there? After earning his degree in Biblical Historical Studies from Lee University in , he entered the full-time ministry. In , Pace launched his publishing ministry onto the Internet. It was initially known as PulpitToday. At present, he has written over online publications in an effort to freely dispense the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In so doing, it is his passion to stir prophetic awareness among God's people and help them recognize the Biblical prophecies, omens, and cosmic wonders forecasted for the Endtime. With remarkable insight into Bible prophecies, Robert D. Pace presents them in his Endtime Prophecy Conferences. He accepts speaking engagements, ranging from one day to one week, upon invitation. You can investigate his high-quality studio media productions of the Endtime on the "Resources" page.

Treasures Of Darkness

And, you may also view a 2-minute video of the Prophecy Conferences by clicking on the homepage. Sep 07, 0. Jun 21, 0. Apr 12, 0. You must be logged in to post a comment. While prayer should always flow from the heart and never be reduced to a formula, the secret to praying effectively is utilizing the right approach to God. Pace discloses a fascinating look at 27 models of prayer as revealed in the Bible. Or, has God supplied irrefutable evidence for the nearing days of calamity? By use of an inimitable prophetic process, God has uniquely and convincingly confirmed that the Bible is the unerring Word of God and that Jesus Christ is the true Messiah.

You will be captivated by this scholarly, yet understandable, studio production DVD. Russia, Iran, and an Arab Coalition will gather against Israel only to find out that God shows up to defend his people. This is not the Battle of Armageddon. It is the battle that ultimately sparks a worldwide revival and a chain of events that will stir your soul! And you can order yours HERE! Now, let us read our text: Let me explain this concept: When truth dawns in the person, the effectual work of our Lord Jesus begins to be a reality. It is then that the ever-flowing fullness of His grace in, through, and out of us can be known and seen.

It super-abounds over sin and fills our souls with holy awe while being as natural as breathing air.

Treasures Of Darkness Sermon by Maurice McCarthy, Isaiah -

When we truly see the virtue and power that we, the anointed of the Lord, have, it will produce the desired effect of manifesting those inconceivable treasures of darkness. The blood of our Lord that judiciously cleanses all from all sin will be a manifested reality. His resurrection that we already know in part will rise in us. His purity, His holiness, His righteousness which is unto all will be joyfully embraced into the ages of the ages. Mercy, grace, and peace will be living realities for all those who came out of Him, namely— ALL! He loves so much everyone who were in Him that He will not retire until ALL know Him as they once did, yet in a new and living way!

If it were any other way, He would not be the God the Scriptures so clearly describes and we have come to know. To see this by the eye of revelation is to enter spiritually into His beauty of holiness. It is to comprehend the length, and breadth, and depth, and height of the love of Christ, this love that passes human knowledge and understanding. In the unfathomable ages to come, even if the sun ever wanes to a dying ember, and if the earth should fail to yield her precious increase—these treasures will ever remain; for they are in themselves infinite, inexhaustible, eternal!

They are spiritual in nature and each is worth more than a thousand worlds filled with treasures of gold, rare gems, or inexhaustible fields of grain! We yearn to see them, to know with clarity the richest discoveries of the wisdom and goodness of God. Although some have been revealed to us, many more are still a mystery. If they were not, there would be nothing lacking, and His Kingdom would be fully manifested. So, they remain concealed even from the keen eye of those who soar like the eagles.

It had truly never entered our hearts, nor crossed the horizons of our minds the treasures of darkness You had laid up in Your secret places for all of us! The anointed word of truth surpasses every conceivable thought and every expectation of the heart. But it is only as these riches of secret places are opened to us that we see, feel, and know what the Lord Jesus Christ is to those who believe in and love His holy name. Joseph Philpot , who resisted the Church of England and was known as "The Seceder," said it this way in one of his sermons:.

We may see the doctrines plainly enough in the Word of God; but if that is all we know about them, it is like seeing money which is not our own, and casting up accounts of other people's property. The grand point is not only to see the riches, but to be put in possession of them.

A religion without power, without savor, without a felt blessedness in the truth of God, by the application of the Spirit, is worthless both for time and eternity. Like a school-boy's sum, it is all upon paper- -a vast amount in figures, without the possession of a penny. Most, even of those who profess the truth, are satisfied with a name to live, a sound creed, a consistent profession, and admission to church membership, without knowing or desiring to know anything of the blessed reality of communion with God, of a revelation of the Lord Jesus, of the manifestation of His love and mercy to the soul, and the sealings of the blessed Spirit on the heart.

When, then, God thus calls a man, he will, he must come, for He puts forth a power which he cannot and will not resist—at least, not to any purpose. It is certainly grace invincible, if not grace irresistible.

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Now just see the process. In all this, we learn that the Lord has truly called us by our name which is a genuine work of grace upon our souls. We did not just happen by accident nor decided on our own to follow after the good life of Jesus Christ. There was a day that dawned on us that our hardened hearts had somehow softened, our unbelief was lifted, and some of those treasures of darkness were brought to light and began to bring us spiritual blessings beyond measure.

We then came to know beyond a doubt that God really did call us by our name, that all His works were real, and looking back upon all the ways in which we had been led, sometimes driven, we know that the Lord had gone before us in everything and made our crooked paths straight. Thus, we can now declare with boldness that it was He who called us by our name and out of darkness, and this was because He had already written our name in His book of life. What a great light that shines upon God's own and reveals them for what and who they are!

It is that which comes down from the throne into the soul of every son and daughter of God as they are awakened to this reality. It is not just changing views in their doctrines or an alteration in life styles, nor is it adopting a certain set of tenets of faith and doctrines, or embracing certain ministers as the only ones from which they will learn. Neither is it by being a member of a particular religious denomination regardless how long it has existed. It is not by attending a certain deep-teaching Bible study group, and it is certainly not to go back to the Old Testament Law and live our lives in a legalistic, religious manner.

This is altogether something entirely different! Some will surely ask, "Must all who are awakened to salvation go through such trying times?

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  • However, I believe at the present, it depends on whether or not they are the anointed of the Lord, the firstfruits of the high calling. If they are held captive behind the walls of religious Babylon, the answer is no, they will not go through it, at least not in the day of those who are the anointed of the Lord.

    The ones who are called to free the treasured captives will certainly go through seemingly impossible odds. They will find that they can neither scale the walls of religious Babylons, their own inner religious orders, nor go through or under them, and likewise with the leaved gates of brass and bars of iron that went from underneath the city walls to the bottom of the river. Until God gave him the wherewithal to divert the river, he was held back from victory. The gates remained secure.

    However, when the hour came for it to be otherwise, no one could keep them closed; for that which the Lord opens no man can close, and that which He closes, no man can open. He works as effectually for and in us as He did for Cyrus and his forces. He sees us through all of our difficulties, as we come to grasp the need for Him. We then hold dear to our hearts His grace and omniscient power that enables us to conquer the unconquerable.

    He demolished the walls significantly and carried off the huge gates see Jeremiah The historian also wrote: Every trick of strategy, every possible device, had been tried; but to no purpose. The town could not be taken, not even when Darius, after all else had failed, attempted to repeat the method which Cyrus had previously used with success. The Babylonians were always on the watch with extraordinary vigilance, and gave the enemy no chance.

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    • Moreover, we would most likely conclude that we do not need Him, that we could do very well on our own. We would possibly begin to believe that we can soften our own hearts, and we might say, or at least assume that we have no need for God to soften our hearts while carnally reasoning that we can believe in the Lord Jesus Christ at anytime of our choosing; there is no need for God to speak into our hearts to give us faith. We could presumptiously feel that we can do it ourselves.

      Treasures of Darkness ~ R.W. Schambauch

      For it stands to reason that if a man has an overabundance of money, he can go to the grocery store or car dealership and write a check for the amount needed. Therefore, in error, we think that it should be the same with us, to raise up sufficient faith in our own souls to get saved. With this, why would we need to go to God like homeless beggars on a street-corner and plead for Him to give us faith. If we have millions in our natural, mental banks, we can draw out as much as we please and when we choose. So, it must be the same with faith, we think, or anything else that has to do with spiritual matters.

      Not by any means! We might think this scenario is unreasonable; but the fact is far from it; for this is the mind-set of the majority who are joined to the religions of Babylon. Every branch of freewill-religion thinks this way. They seem to believe that even if their life is as crooked as a barrel of rattlesnakes that with some self-effort and a little wit of their own, they can make it as straight as a well-shot arrow. Or they may feel that they can climb up to heaven by their own determination of following after creeds, doctrines, the law, and carnal ordinances.

      If that is remotely so, why would they need the Lord in their lives? From what we observe, they want to meet Him in the sweet by-and-by when they get to heaven; but except for times of crisis, they are pretty satisfied and accomplished in their religious practices and feel they can make it on their own. Can we see why it is necessary for God's people to have so many gates of brass and bars of iron; that is, trials and tribulations?

      It is to bring them into a personal relationship with their Lord and to make their religion a reality rather than like those of carnal works and the dead letter. I am persuaded that religion void of trials, temptations, and hardships is but a charade, a sham, a mockery, a put-on at the best.