Lady in the Tower

She soon surpassed even their greatest expectations.

The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn

And so he did, though the divorce would tear apart the English church and inflict religious turmoil and bloodshed on his people for generations to come. Wrongfully accused of adultery and incest, Anne found herself imprisoned in the Tower of London, where she was at the mercy of her husband and of her enemies.

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The book contains color plates which include a portrait of Henry's newest love who was waiting in the wings, Jane Seymour. I think Weir raises the bar on writing non-fiction and making it a hard-to-put-down book at the same time.

The Fall of Anne Boleyn

Poetry is quoted from sources that are of one persuasion or another, Overall, this is an excellent book on Queen Anne Boleyn's last days and the people who were around her. I really enjoyed it. I'm surprised to see how many people seem to not enjoy the amount of direct quotes and contradictions in this book. The stories of Anne Boleyn and the Tudors in general have always been told, often inaccurately and accentuated just for dramatic purposes. It seems obvious to me that this book was a direct result of Weir's frustrations in seeing other historians and authors tell readers a one-sided story, or even a partially fabricated one.

Weir's willingness to show both sides of the story of Anne's fall, however contradictory they may be, is the only way to tell the most accurate story.

See a Problem?

I don't see a lot of her personal opinion in the book, as some have said in their reviews. In fact, I think it's a very fair depiction of events from years ago that we currently have no way to know the whole truth about. I've also seen that people think it's repetitive, but I haven't found that. The only repetition I've seen is to remind you of previous facts when they become relevant again, which I think is necessary when you're trying to make such a fact-heavy book readable by anyone.

I definitely don't think it's for everyone, but I would recommend it to anyone with particular interest in the Tudors. It's not an "easy read", because of all the information, but worth the time spent.

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Even if you had formed your own opinion of Anne Boleyn before reading it, I think that it will probably make you question yourself. There were a lot of events and facts that I had just assumed were fact, and found out through this book that they were probably speculation. I think it's a fresh retelling of naturally dramatic and fascinating events we've heard about a thousand times, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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My heading should not be taken as a criticism, but rather to warn you that if you're looking for historical fiction, this is not it. This book is non-fiction and reads more like an academic text than a novel. Primary sources are quoted throughout, which for me at times disrupted the flow of the book. I had to read and re-read certain excerpts to glean an understanding due to the thick language.

Weir does a good job filling in the blanks and expanding upon vague references so that the reader can keep up. All in all, this was an exceptionally informative book. Growing up, I always thought that Anne Boleyn was beheaded because she was an adultress. I've learned enough in my adulthood to know that this was not the case; this book goes beyond myth to the root of Anne's downfall. It is amazing, looking through 21st century eyes, that she was ever convicted of the crimes of which she was accused based on the evidence or lack thereof presented against her.

You will learn the facts, the fiction, and the unknowns of Anne Boleyn here. A must-have for any student of the Tudor era. Formas de pagamento aceitas: Habilitado Leitor de tela: Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item Lista de mais vendidos da Amazon: Rastreie seus pedidos recentes.