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NO, he wasn't made He doesn't know who the gorgeous woman is who just sat in his lap Now that he has, he's pretty sure she's his bloodmate, just like the legend says. Unfortunately, 1-she doesn't know what he is, 2-he's not sure he wants to tell her, and 3-if she leaves him, he'll slowly starve to death! What's a vamp to do? The interaction between these two is hot, hot, hot. Willow's nicknames for Seth once he's outed are hilarious. A good, quick, sexy, funny read!

View all 4 comments. Jul 03, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is a really HOT bit of fluff! Its not a very "deep" book, but man, is there ever some great sex ;- Willow is out with her sister and a friend for a night on the town. When she sees Seth walk in the bar, she knows he is the one she wants to play "the game" with! Seth and Willow have an instant attraction, and then the real fun starts! You see, Seth is a vampire, and Willow is very, very important to him View all 15 comments.

This was a cute and fast read about a girl named willow who indulges in a unique game of kiss and tell. It is pretty simple really, she scopes out the bar for a guy she doesn't mind kissing--she asks them boxers or briefs and if she guessed correctly they get a kiss and her number. Commando always scores a french kiss. Their innocent little kiss turns into much more Of course she has no idea that he is a vampire and when she f This was a cute and fast read about a girl named willow who indulges in a unique game of kiss and tell.

Of course she has no idea that he is a vampire and when she finds out, her blissful week long sexcapade turns into a nightmare. I wouldn't go so far as to classify this as erotic, put it is pretty far up there on the hotness scale. Aug 11, Stacey Espino rated it liked it Shelves: This was basically two hundred pages of trashy sex scenes.

There was little to no plot and the writing was amateurish with plenty of editorial errors. It's a vampire meets relucant human, blah, blah. The initial concept intrigued me kiss and tell game but it ended there. It wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't recommend it either. Sep 12, Brenda b rated it really liked it Shelves: The opening premise of this book is so much fun. And I enjoyed Sandy Lynn's take on vampires. I'm looking forward to reading more of her world. Jun 26, Jennifer rated it liked it.

Our "hero" of the book is Seth and he's a very hot and sexy vamp although, he was a bit of a puss. Willow is his love and is a bit of a flake thru out this book. Here's the 5 cent version: She has to go up to a guy and ask him if he's wearing boxers or briefs. There's consequences for the answer he gives and she ends up straddling his lap and him gettin her off right then and there. They go back to his place and for the next week, they have more wild and endless sex and he drinks her blood. He's slowly starving himself. She comes back to his place, finds out what he's planning on doing, forces him to drink MORE of her blood, more sex and wham bam thank you Willow, will you be my wife?

All this in less then 2 weeks. A few of the sex scenes were hot but this book isn't anything to brag about. Feb 22, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: This book, the first in a new series called Bloodmates, starts out with that all important question, boxers or briefs? Willow is having a very bad day. To get her sister to stop harassing her, she agrees to participate in a game, but just once. When a muscular hunk walks past her, she knows she's found the perfect guy to ask her embarrassing question. Seth is shocked when a gorgeous woman sits on his lap.

He gets aroused when she kisses him. Taking This book, the first in a new series called Bloodmates, starts out with that all important question, boxers or briefs?

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Taking her home, he "sinks his teeth into her" -- and is addicted. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that she holds his life in her hands. What's a vampire to do when he realizes that he needs this woman to survive and she runs screaming from him? The characters motivations and decisions didn't make much sense but kept the story moving forward.

The smut was good but not great. The conflict was average and the promised HEA was present and accounted for. I kept feeling like I was thrown into an episode of Buffy after the heroine found out the hero was a vampire. Remember all those names Xander called Angel? I couldn't figure out why the heroine started calling her vamp those names.

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And i Typical paranormal erotica. And it seemed like her personality completely changed in the blink of an eye. The story is exactly what I expected it to be, so average rating all around. View all 10 comments. Apr 28, Nikki May rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Well what can I say? That was pretty hot. Ok it's a short novel but by no means does that mean it's lacking because damn it definitely isn't. Well ok before I get too into describing the hot detailed action in this book let me explain the storyline.

This starts off in a pub with a live band and two sisters and a friend having a good night out after one of them, Willow, was fired from her job for not sleeping with her boss.. No wonder she needed to let off steam But well they decided to play a game called "Boxers or Briefs" yes it's just as dirty as it sounds, they choose a "victim" in the bar and guess whether he's a boxers or briefs kind of guy and approach them asking whether they can join them but in joining them are only allowed to sit on their lap, by which point they have to find out if they were right by asking the dreaded question "boxers or briefs" forfeiting if they are wrong or kissing upon the cheek if right Needless to say she's correct but it ends up going further than the game and she ends up back at his place having what she can only describe her taste of sex heaven, the night of ravishing just isn't enough for either of them and they end up completely sexually inseparable for a week enjoying each other in completely detailed and hot sex scenes you can taste the sexual tension oozing throughout this book Until she discovers she's been more of a snack than a lover Then it gets too much and she panics and runs they both experience some obstacles and discover some truths they didn't realise existed and then well they have a big showdown and Well that's the point of reading the book isn't it?

I can safely say this has definitely enticed me into reading the rest of this series, not just because of the hot scenes because WOAH I need water! So often a book focuses on the sex and gets completely overtaken by the sex that it just turns into porn and the storyline forgotten, but this book isn't one of them, it has equal amounts of sex and storyline so definitely makes it much more enjoyable than that dirty porn website you visit on a cold night.

Jul 03, Rhapsody rated it it was ok Recommends it for: There just wasn't much to this one. Depressed after being fired by her sexist boss, Willow has a "night on the town" with her wild big sister and is dared into flirting with a random guy.

Kiss and Tell

She haplessly picks Seth, a vampire, and the two of are so attracted to each other that she goes home with him. It turns out that they're mates although this isn't stressed as heavily as it is in other similar paranormals , which means he can't feed from anyone else. However, even though they have good chemist There just wasn't much to this one.

However, even though they have good chemistry, Willow is terrified when she finds out he's a vampire and has trouble accepting his nature, while he rapidly becomes resentful of her unfair and judgmental attitude. I really like romance novels that have a lot of background for the characters, including bad experiences they have to work through, insecurities they need to reassure one another about, etc. I also like romance novels to have some subplot, like some villain in the background who towards the end of the novel becomes impossible to ignore. This book was basically just sex with a couple of arguments.

Neither Seth nor Willow was all that interesting; they were pretty ordinary adults with a somewhat unique problem that they handled kind of immaturely. Willow in particular, resenting him for not asking before he drank her blood, seemed totally ridiculous to me. I'm not critical of her for not wanting to be with a vampire or anything, but being angry because he drank without asking seemed so ridiculous.

I also found the sex scenes too long and boring. But in all fairness, I'm not really into those scenes unless they've got a lot of dialogue and interesting inner monologue. Just needing a break from everything that is going wrong Willow goes out with her sister Roxy and her friend Mary. While at the Bar the girls decide to play a gamed. Willow finally caves and agrees to play the game. But since she hates to play she is going to take her time to pick out the man she wants.

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  • Seth is there at the bar to do some business when Willow strolls over and asks 3 questions. At the end of those questions she gracefully slides onto his lap..

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    From there she spends a Just needing a break from everything that is going wrong Willow goes out with her sister Roxy and her friend Mary. From there she spends a week in his bed. After that week Willow finds out what Seth really is. She is horrified to realize that Seth bit her, then she starts worry that there might be more to Seth and her than what she really thought. After another week away from Seth she finally approaches him again to discover that he is sick and learns only she can cure his needs.

    After she gets him better Seth orders he out of his life becuase he figures out what exactly Willow means in his life. Since Seth kicked her out Willow realizes that there is more to Seth then just his Darkside, there is a man in there that she fell in love with. Also the sex scenes were HOT Overall I would have to say that this story was an easy read for a cloudy Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed the characters and what they brought to the story. I also thought it was well written.

    I can not wait to read the second book Bloodmates, Apr 23, Vanessa theJeepDiva rated it liked it Shelves: This is a short sexy read. Kiss and Tell is a very steamy erotica about a girl who picks up a vampire at a bar one night while playing a game with her girlfriends. I found it a bit aggravating in the fact that as soon as Willow finds out the Seth is a vampire she flees.

    Blood Mates - Alexis Snowdancer - Wattpad

    Then she does a crazy bounce in and out his life while she comes to terms with what Seth is. I will definitely read more from this author. I enjoy finding a tastefully smutty erotic book. I did find that with Kiss and Tell. She does state that the site is undergoing some construction and upgrades. I did not see any information on other or future books in the series. The readers were not introduced to other vampires in this book that could potentially find or seek their Bloodmates. Okay Just finished this one today. I started it last night.

    Although this one was a short one, it was a really good read. I feared it would be to shallow, but I was pleasantly surprised. The chemistry between Seth and Willow was great, and I loved how they were able to get to the point of Seth's history and the history of his kind without it seeming rushed or too "simple" Plus I love how Willow reacted when finding out what Seth was.

    I mean she reacted the way any normal woman would and her stru Okay Just finished this one today. I mean she reacted the way any normal woman would and her struggle with her decision of "what to do" was realistic. So if you want a hot and not crude, quick vampire love story with a bit of bite and alot of heart, then this one is for you.

    I'm excited to read the others in this series as well. Jan 24, Laurie Garrison rated it really liked it Shelves: As you start reading this book you many have to put your oven mitts on, or take a cold shower; its so hot! Seth is a vampire, he is not a alpha like you read about in most of these books, but he is very lovable and hot. Willow is having a bad week, so why not go have hot sex with an unknowing vampire, especially one who looks like Seth.

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    But when she finds out he has been taking her blood with out her knowing what will she d Caution! But when she finds out he has been taking her blood with out her knowing what will she do?

    I really enjoyed it. There is room for more books hope to see them soon…. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product.

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    There were a few minor inconsistencies that lowered my book rating, but in general I enjoyed reading this book. I particularly liked that the author pulled me right into the scene, with description of the various locations that made me "see" where the characters were. One person found this helpful. There was a problem loading comments right now. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

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