Triple Threat, Book 3 in the Taylor Madison Mystery Seires

The last thing they need is Abraham's ghost showing up to scare them to death. Is Abraham's ghost really haunting the house or is the specter all too human and looking for some long-lost treasure? Hank was the first one to welcome Taylor into Perdue and let her stay in the apartment above his store for free until she had the means to move out. He was survived by his daughters: Lily ran a flower shop, Rose a secondhand clothing store and Rose's husband, Justin, took over the hardware store. Taylor was pretty good friends with Rose and was shocked to hear that the twins were actually triplets and that they had another sister out there somewhere named Iris.

Taylor was even more surprised at the sisters' reaction when Hank's will was read. Turns out Hank wanted his girls to be reunited more than anything so he put a codicil in his will that would give all of his property to the NRA if the girls didn't spend one year living under the same roof together. When Iris showed up a couple of days later, Taylor wasn't surprised that she looked just like her sisters, but she was surprised at how many accidents happened to her.

Iris received a death threat, almost drowned in the lake, and then went missing in a freak tornado accident. Who wanted her dead? Taylor wasn't sure if anything was deliberate, but she was too busy trying to keep Cal from blowing a fuse over the new Citizens' Police Academy that Billy, a brand new deputy and Bo, City Councilwoman, had cooked up between the two of them. What with the triplets' weird behavior, townspeople learning to shoot, a grieving mother, and a bout of the flu, Taylor has her hands full trying to solve this mystery!

This is third book in the Taylor Madison series and first short story?

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Dearl has a lovely, smooth writing style and knows how to pace her stories perfectly so that the reader is never bored, but the endings don't come up too quickly. Her characters are very memorable and I just get a kick out of all of the small town people in this book because I have met people just like them. All of Dearl's books are well worth reading and the extra cost associated with the books or you can buy them for a fraction of the cost in ebook format.

If you love mysteries, you will thoroughly enjoy this series! I can't wait for the next one to come out! No more missing quotation marks in the Kindle version. This was due to a problem with the uploading process. Everything is great now! See all 7 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

At the world championships in Montreal , Canada, Taylor won the one-mile sprint, to become the first African American to win a world championship in cycling. Taylor was the second black athlete, after Canadian bantamweight boxer George Dixon of Boston , to win a world championship in any sport. Taylor lost in a preliminary heat at Copenhagen and did not compete in the finals.

After Taylor's world championship win in , many claimed that the event "had been a farce, because Taylor had not competed against the strongest riders. As a result, Taylor's accomplishments were somewhat diminished. In addition to the world championship wins in the one-mile and two-mile distances at Montreal and the LAW Championship, which he won on points, Taylor's victories in included twenty-two first-place finishes in major championship races around the U.

Taylor's record-setting times were impossible to dismiss. No other rider had matched the "range and variety" of his winning performances, which made him an international celebrity. For the racing season, Taylor went to Syracuse and with Munger's assistance he signed a contract to race for the E. Taylor, Munger, and Harry Sager, who was Taylor's bicycle parts sponsor, initially planned to negotiate a deal with the Olive Wheel Company; however, the men were able to work out a more lucrative contract with Stearns, who agreed to build Taylor's bicycles using a chainless gear mechanism that Sanger had designed.

The bicycles only weighed about 20 pounds 9. In , when the LAW no longer governed professional bicycle races in the U. He also beat Tom Cooper, the NCA champion, in a head-to-head match in a one-mile race at Madison Square Garden in front of 50, to 60, spectators. In addition, Taylor set world records in the half-mile and two-thirds-mile sprints, and raced indoors using a "home trainer" in head-to-head competitions with other riders as a vaudeville act.

Following his record-setting successes in the U. In , Taylor made his first trip to Europe, but returned to compete in the U. During his European tour Taylor still refused to race on Sundays, when most of the finals were held, because of his religious convictions. Taylor was popular among the European race fans and news reporters: Jacquelin won the first match by two lengths; Taylor won the second match by four lengths.

Taylor also participated in a European tour in , when he entered 57 races and won 40 of them to defeat the champions of Germany, England, and France. A headline that flashed worldwide was "Rich Cycle Race. Following a collapse from the mental and physical strain of professional competition, Taylor took a two-and-a-half year hiatus from cycling between and , before returning to race in France. He set two world records in Paris in for the half-mile standing start at 0: Taylor also returned to Europe for the racing season in and in He finally broke his long-standing decision to avoid Sunday races in when he was nearing the end of his racing career.

Taylor won the race, but he did not return to Europe for the season and retired from competitive cycling. Taylor was still breaking records in , but his age was starting to "creep up on him. Taylor won his final competition, an "old-timers race" among former professional racers, in New Jersey in September As Taylor gained notoriety as an amateur and a professional, he did not escape racial segregation.

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In , the LAW changed its bylaws to exclude blacks from membership; however, it did permit them to compete in its races. Although Taylor's cycling was greatly celebrated abroad, particularly in France, his career was still restricted by racism , particularly in the Southern U.

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Taylor asserted in his autobiography that prominent bicycle racers of his era often cooperated to defeat him, such as the Butler brothers Nat and Tom were accused of doing in the one-mile world championship race at Montreal in At the LAW races in Boston, shortly after Taylor had won the world championship, he accused the entire field that included Tom Cooper and Eddie Bald , among others for fouling him. Brady , who was also Taylor's manager, chastised the other riders for their "rough treatment" of Taylor during the race.

While some of Taylor's fellow racers refused to compete with him, others resorted to intimidation, verbal insults, and threats to physically harm him. Taylor further stated in his autobiography that he had been elbowed and "pocketed" boxed in by other riders to prevent him from sprinting to the front of the pack, a tactic at which he was so successful. Taylor's competitors also tried to injure him. One incident occurred after the one-mile Massachusetts Open race at Taunton on September 23, ; at the conclusion of the race, William Becker, who placed third behind Taylor in second place, tackled Taylor on the race track and choked him into unconsciousness.

Becker, who claimed that Taylor had crowded him during the race, was temporarily suspended while the incident was investigated. In another incident, which occurred in February , when Taylor was competing in Australia, he was seriously injured on the final turn of a race when fellow competitor Iver Lawson veered his bicycle toward Taylor and collided with his front wheel. Taylor crashed and lay unconscious on the track before he was taken to a local hospital and later made a full recovery.

Lawson was suspended from racing anywhere in the world for a year as a result of his actions. Taylor explained that he included details of these incidents in his autobiography, along with his comments about his experiences, to serve as an inspiration for other African American athletes trying to overcome racial prejudice and discriminatory treatment in sports. Taylor cited exhaustion as well as the physical and mental strain caused by the racial prejudice he experienced on and off the track as his reasons for retiring from competitive cycling in He suggested that individuals "practice clean living, fair play and good sportsmanship" and develop their best talent with a strong character, significant willpower, and "physical courage.

After retiring from competition, Taylor applied to Worcester Polytechnic Institute to study engineering, despite the fact that he did not have a high school diploma, but he was denied admission and took up various business ventures. Nearly twenty years after his retirement, Taylor wrote and self-published his autobiography, The Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World: By Taylor had experienced severe financial difficulties from bad investments including self-publishing his autobiography , the stock market crash , and businesses that proved unsuccessful.

Taylor's home in Worcester and some of the family's personal property were sold to pay off debts. He also suffered from persistent ill health in his later years. Little is known of Taylor's life after the failure of his marriage and his move to Chicago around Taylor spent the final two years of his life in poverty, selling copies of his autobiography to earn a meagre income and residing at the YMCA Hotel in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood.

In March , Taylor suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized in the Cook County Hospital's charity ward, where he died on June 21, , at age The official cause of on his death certificate is " nephrosclerosis and hypertension ," contributed by "Chronic myocarditis ". Schwinn, owner of the Schwinn Bicycle Co. World's champion bicycle racer who came up the hard way without hatred in his heart, an honest, courageous and god-fearing, clean-living, gentlemanly athlete. A credit to the race who always gave out his best.

Gone but not forgotten. Taylor's legacy lies in his willingness to challenge racial prejudice as an African American athlete in the white-dominated sport of cycling. He was also hailed as a sports hero in France and Australia. Taylor, who became a role model for other athletes facing racial prejudice and discrimination, [5] was "the first great black celebrity athlete" and a pioneer in his efforts to challenge segregation in sports.

He also paved the way for others facing similar circumstances. The marker is located at the intersection of Thirty-Eighth Street and the Monon Trail , close to the site where he had set an unofficial track record in A bike path in Chicago is named in Taylor's honor. Morris was born on January 28, , in Hudson, New York.

Taylor met her around when she was living in Worcester, with her aunt and uncle. While in Australia in , Taylor and his wife had their only child, a daughter that they named Rita Sydney in honor of Sydney, where she was born on May After his retirement from racing in and the failure of subsequent business ventures in the s, Taylor and his wife became estranged. She left him in and moved to New York City.

Around the same time Taylor left Worcester and moved to Chicago; he never saw his wife or daughter again. Taylor's daughter, who graduated from the Sargent School of Physical Culture in Boston in and the University of Chicago in , taught physical education at Virginia State University.

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Twice Dead (Taylor Madison Mystery, #2) by Elizabeth Dearl

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