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With his combination of susceptibility and resistance to Venus's siren song, Adonis became a perfect symbol of early modern poets' wavering before the power of pagan myth and all the troubling connotations that it carried paganism, sensuality, fatality, falseness, and, not the least, immorality. To the extent that this aesthetic christology is characterized by an arguably extreme interpretation of the already quite eroticized rhetoric of the Christian mystical tradition, it is traditional in essence yet imbued with a sensibility that may be qualified as modern: Algunas consideraciones sobre el epilio barroco.

Review, Kritik Revisiting the Mutilated Body Politic.

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In my paper here today, I will be arguing that although the physically deformed Richard of Glouch It concerns itself with the mutilated body politic of medieval England which it, in turn, presents as a case study of what may be termed the human race's 'historical predicament': In this play, we find a closely interrelated showdown with the traumatic national past and face-off with a negative conception of history as a god-forsaken realm of usurpation and tyranny, brutality and murder, recently stimulated by the Renaissance rediscovery of Tacitus. In my interpretation, the amorphous body of the "bunch-backed toad" is, in brief, a complex metaphor for national historical trauma and history's lack of transcendental purpose and ugly non-ideality.

Let God be the Judge. The accent lies on the Spanish dramatist's use of various aesthetic and performative 'takes' to counter precisely that dogmatic writing of history with which he has recurrently been charged by modern critics: Which scenic effects and aesthetic devices support it?

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On the basis of this exploration of Lope de Vega's aesthetic historiography and what may be termed its theatrical vocabulary, questions concerning the play's interaction with its own historical context and function in relation to the contemporary process of nation formation are further addressed: Due to its eminent ability to make history come alive before the eyes of an audience, the emerging historical drama was no doubt the most popular instance of the period's obsession with history and thus, as critics have not failed to notice, the most important aesthetic vehicle of collective memory in this crucial moment of nascent European nation states.

However, besides its lucid visualization of the past and ensuing hold on the collective imagination, both rather well-researched, could there be other, as yet undescribed features particular to the historical drama? Does it have a specific enunciatory mode or a special take on history? This is the text read at the oral defense of my habilitation thesis University of Copenhagen, Please see the attached Prezi. The puzzeling thing is not so much that a mere eighty years should see the coincidence of so much creative genius in a single nation although this is in itself amazing ; what is really thought-provoking is the fact that it should be exactly this particular period.

Whereas other national literatures have bloomed in periods of cultural prosperity, the Golden Age of Spanish literature unfolded in the shadow of national decadence. Nos canta sugestivamente los encantos excelsos de esta ninfa, blanca y luciente como la espuma del mar.

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Seducidos por su sensualismo eminente y penetrante, disfrutamos de la historia despreocupados de su verosimilitud y legitimidad. From its beginnings in ancient literature, the epyllion was a sophisticated intellectual genre based on the stories and figures of classical mythology and imbued with a refined eroticism, but in response to the complex ideological climate of the Early Modern period it became progressively more intricate and self-conscious.

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The epyllion or mythological epic proved the perfect form for performing this conciliatory act. Zaid's writing took another direction when he published So Many Books: Reading and Publishing in an Age of Abundance. In it he muses on the balance between readers and writers there are always more willing writers than there seem to be willing readers , the diversity of material that today's publishers deliver to both general readers and specialist seekers of knowledge and entertainment, and the satisfaction of discovering the right book for the right reader.

He points out that book publishers can offer limited print runs for specialist audiences, in contrast to other media outlets like the feature film industry, for example, which often requires a blockbuster success simply to enable its backers to break even on their investment. Zaid rejoices in the chaotic variety of books available and boasts of a personal collection numbering in the thousands, hinting that it is possible to own many more books than one will ever read, and to do so without guilt.

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