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Plan reviews and updates on a systematic basis to help ensure you stay on course, because having a lifetime resource with a team you can trust is important. Maintain an open dialogue to discuss your legacy and provide a clear vision for the future. You want to enjoy your retirement and have a plan that allo ws you to live life on purpose. Jay Van Beusekom, Representative. This is not an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction where we are not authorized to do business. Milwaukee , WI Our Services Our Services.

The key issue in any sale — price — is settled very simply. The ESOP laws require that a professional business appraiser be engaged to study the company and then provide an expert opinion as to the fair market value of the company. The sale can then be conducted based on that price.

There are countless anecdotal examples about employees being more engaged and excited than ever. More importantly, academic studies have also shown significantly higher levels of employee engagement.


When employees own a stake in the business, they take their work more seriously, they work smarter and more carefully, and the result is a marked improvement in business results. Operating the business becomes a true team sport, with everyone working from the same scoreboard. Owners report that it is a deeply gratifying experience to be a leader in an environment where the employees truly want the company to succeed.

Who buys a business when an owner is ready to sell?

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Traditionally, it is a much larger organization — whether a big player in the same industry, a related industry, or a private equity firm. They buyer is probably not local, maybe even based out of state. What is the result? Employees are going to lose jobs; the company name is going to come down off the wall. The buyer is going to shred the company into pieces, ending the existence of the enterprise that the founder spent a lifetime building. All the vendors and service providers who served the company lose business.

The city and county may lose tax revenue. The sale leaves a hole — a little crater — in the economic base of the community. Not so when the company is sold to the employees via an ESOP. The company continues on as an independent business.

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The name stays on the wall, the local suppliers and business advisors continue to serve the firm. As for the employees, of course they keep their jobs. But they gain much more than that. I soon learned that Eleni had neglected her health, and her husband. Illness and divorce loomed. In passing, Eleni mentioned how she would occasionally volunteer at events to support her intellectually impaired brother, how she always enjoyed the work and the people. In fact, the disappointment and shame had unconsciously become hers and she was fated to spend the rest of her life making up for it.

In fact, the whole situation filled her with grief. These realizations threatened her identity and her livelihood, but since the nightmares began to subside and her health improved, she trusted she was on the right path. The day she left the company, her father stopped speaking to her. She had to re-organize her finances, restructure her life, but mostly she had to accept a different identity outside the family business and the Greek community. Through further sessions, Eleni realized that she was more than a businesswoman, she was a compassionate educator whose greatest delight was to assist people suffering from the same issues as her brother.

Another year on, she started her own learning center for the intellectually challenged, in partnership with her brother. Instead of nightmares, she now has big dreams for people like her brother to not only have functional lives but to be proud of who they are.

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When she wrote a letter to her father telling him her life purpose and her mission, he called her right away, weeping. He now supports her learning center. Eleni is blessed to have this happy ending. Not everyone is so lucky to have parents forgive them for abandoning their wishes and traditions.

These ego feeding campaigns seep into your waking and dreaming consciousness, and like seductive sirens to the seafarer, they steer you far from your path. The majority of people never become aware of their life purpose because they are too busy trying to become products of their ego. Bedazzled by all the shiny things, they lack the interest to access their inner life which is far more individualistic than their worldly life, and which is the key to connecting with their life purpose. My client Audrey, a year-old financial advisor, loved helping startups get off the ground, and she often worked for free.

The woman was a celebrated artist. Three months post-breakup, Audrey fell for a successful entrepreneur who was seven years younger than her. High on the romance, Audrey began to think that financial management held too little glamor for her. She knew she had a creative talent with design and fashion and she felt compelled to make her mark.

She hired a Creative Advisor who got her in touch with her passion. They worked on her passion for design and fashion, and Audrey affirmed that this was her real purpose in life, to be creative. She hired three staff and a design workroom. Six months into the business Audrey discovered that the whole thing was a mistake.

Audrey spent the next 18 months trying to exit the business with minimal collateral damage but finally sold at a loss.

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The whole process was a financial disaster that took a huge emotional and psychological toll. The relationship suffered, and the couple parted ways. It was at this point that our sessions began. Audrey became so fearful of her passions that she locked herself into a purely rational approach to living, which was appropriate to lever her out of her financial mess, but inappropriate to live her life this way. As Audrey began to develop her inner life, she discovered a deeper desire that sat below her passion and her ego.

She loves to assist others in the initiation and follow through of projects.

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She has always done this through paid and free financial advice. While Audrey believes her business mistake helped her to help others, the toll was almost too much.

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Therapy has helped her gain clarity and get back on track. My life purpose has always been with me— the thing I loved doing and even occasionally did for free.